Symmetry Wood
Creating materials that promote harmony
between humanity and nature
Forests around the world are being destroyed on a daily basis to satisfy consumer demand for commodities like beef, palm oil, and wood. This deforestation is a massive driver of climate change and biodiversity loss and endangers the livelihoods of up to 1.6 billion people.

It needs to be stopped.
How do we do it?

By embracing a balance between nature and design, we are using bacteria to produce cellulose β€” the main component of wood and the most abundant organic substance on Earth.
Gather Food Waste
Grow the bacterial cellulose
Form the wood
The bacteria feed well off of any substance that has glucose (or sugar) in it. Coincidentally, the most wasted food groups β€” fruits, breads, and vegetables β€” have a lot of this.
A sheet of cellulose grows over several days at the top of a tank. Once that sheet is removed, a new one starts to grow as new food waste is added in.
Absolutely no petroleum, toxins, or other non-biodegradable additives are combined with the cellulose. With this commitment, we are able to produce 'alternative wood' in various colors and textures.
Creating our Wood
The first steps to creating our material involve mixing agar, boiling water, and bacterial cellulose into a large mold. The mixture is left out to dry until it can be removed from the mold and placed into a dehydrator. The mixture continues to shrink and darken until it becomes the strong material we proudly call Alternative Wood.
A team comprised of passionate and talented college students with skillsets ranging from material science to sustainable design.
Gabe Tavas
Founder & Project Manager
Jared Fligelman
Project Manager
Kanika Leang
Materials Researcher
Angela Andrada
Lead Materials Researcher
Eddie Rajcevic
Head of Outreach
Hannah Gaffner
Head of Media and Marketing
Using our very own alternative wood, we have created various products to display the material's versatility.
Pack of 3 Alternative Wood Guitar Picks
Alternative Wood Necklace
Coming Soon
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