Pyrus is a petroleum-free wood-like material sustainably produced with repurposed bacterial cellulose from the kombucha industry. Our material is dense, splinter-free, and contains no harmful ingredients that are often found in plastics and exotic woods.

This Image was taken by the James Dyson Foundation after Symmetry Wood was announced as the winner of the U.S. James Dyson Award winner.

Symmetry Wood found its earliest success in making and selling guitar picks cut from Pyrus.

Guitarists all around the U.S. complimented the feel and durability, while appreciating the environmental benefit.
Following the successful experiment in making guitar picks, Symmetry has chosen to venture into jewelry. Using sheets of Pyrus, each earring is handmade by the team, extenuating the uniqueness each sheet offers in coloring and grain.
Symmetry has begun making dozens of designs, all of which are hand drawn by our team to offer our supporters never before seen designs. Like what you see, check our store some of these designs may be available today.
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